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Watch this video to learn how to speak English Fluently and Confidently: Seven secrets

  1. How To Speak American English Like a Native Speaker
  2. How to do an American Accent - Part 1: vowel sounds

Watch this video, it will help a lot
 Speak English Fluently: Rules 
 Rule 1
Rule 2
 Rule 3
Rule 4
 Rule 5
Rule 6
 Rule 7
Beneath in this context means inside, but it is usually defined as: 
extending or directly underneath, typically with close contact.

  • in the labyrinths beneath central Moscow
  • a house built on stilts to allow air to circulate beneath 
  • the runways had cracked open, exposing the black earth beneath.
Synonyms: below, under, beneath, underneath, further down, lower down, at a lower level or layer.

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